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Ok, building a stub here...

someone found an unrar binary for the box. take a look here:

scroll down a bit to find dropbear and unrar binaries.

i tried this on a argosy hv359t wich essentially is a screenplay pro, but got following error:

~ # unrar
unrar: can't load library ''
~ #

so, could one of you try this on his screenplay pro? if it works, i would try to make some hybrid of my and the iomega firmware to get it running on the argosy device.

EDIT: ITS DONE. i found a suitable uclibc++. if anyone needs it, please let me know.

the box is now able to unrar its torrented files... =)

in fact, unrar dumps the core after unraring all files. but this is better then nothing...

EDIT2: have a look at the comments. there is another unrar binary, wich only dumps core when called witout arguments. when called with a file to unrar, it works neatly.

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