Pausing Live TV (Timeshifting) Edit

Go to the AV Input.

Press the record button

Press the Home button (it will keep recording)

Go to the REC\REC_1 folder on the ScreenPlay

Select the newest MPG file and press Play.

Depending on how long it took you to do that, you will now be running just behind what the Live broadcast is doing. You can fast forward, pause, etc. When done, go back to the AV Input option and press Stop to stop recording.

Recording while watching something else Edit

You can do this either from AV Input, pressing Record and then home to get out without stopping the recording, or you can schedule to start recording. Go ahead and watch your other videos. It will record the AV Input while you are watching another media file.

Computer and TV Edit

You cannot view the ScreenPlay on the TV and use it through a computer's USB port simultaneously. You can have both of them plugged in simultaneously and select which mode you want the player to be in by the way you turn on the player. If you power it on with the remote, it will be in TV mode, and if you power it on with the on/off button on the player, it will be in USB mode (only if it is connected to a computer and the computer is on).

You can browse over the network to play on your computer an MP4 that's on the ScreenPlay at the same time the ScreenPlay is viewing another movie or other on the TV.