When browsing from the ScreenPlay Pro HD to other networked computers, there are some problems that you might experience.

  • Domain computers will not be able to expose shares to the ScreenPlay Pro.
  • Computers with user logons may require entry of the user name and password. Even then, sometimes it doesn't work. But if you create a user on your computer named Realtek_guest with the password Realtek_pw then the ScreenPlay Pro will be able to log into your shares without asking for a password.
  • After booting the ScreenPlay Pro, you may have to wait a few minutes before it recognizes other computers on your network.
  • If you configure a wired lan with a static IP and then try to connect a wireless dongle, the ScreenPlay Pro will not connect with the wireless dongle even if you have disconnected the ethernet connection. You must switch the wired back to DHCP Auto mode.
  • If you highlight and delete many files as once, the ScreenPlay Pro may disconnect and lock up.
  • Switching from a Wifi dongle to a USB drive and then back to a Wifi dongle can sometimes make it not recognize the Wifi dongle. However, rebooting again has taken care of it.
  • Very very slow network performance.