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I have connected my Screenplay pro HD to my IMac and reformatted so I can write and read files (it was NTFS). After formatting I can access any file and play all file formats on my IMac. However, when I connect the Screenplay pro HD to an external device (TV, Beamer) it gives me a harddisc error. I have used the following formats but every one of them gives the same error when connecting:

- MacOS

- MS-Dos FAT

- NTFS (through MacFuse / Tuxerant tools)

Can anyone assist me to play media files on other devices then my Mac?.-


Th solution is easy. The device MUST be formatted in NTFS, otherwise there will be no possibility to use it on tv. Format the drive in NTFS again, and then push your files onto it via network. (contribution by anonymous)

Actually, it isn't quite that easy. It sounds like you probably removed all of the partitions, or at least killed one of the 4 partitions in the process. You'll need to reinstall the firmware, which will require plugging your drive into a windows machine as the firmware program doesn't work on the Mac OS. --JCoug 04:57, February 14, 2011 (UTC)