The following instructions apply to Firmware v1.8 but are probably almost the same for all Firmware updates.

Download the screenplayprohd firmware .zip file and save it to your desktop.

Extract both the DataInstall.exe and upgrade.bin files to a folder on your desktop.

Connect your ScreenPlay Pro HD Multimedia Drive to your computer. Turn it on with the power button on the front panel (do not use the remote the turn it on). Check My Computer to make sure the drive is detected.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to make a backup copy of any files on your ScreenPlay Pro HD before continuing! Always back up before updating firmware!

Open the folder on your desktop and double-click the DataInstall.exe icon to begin the firmware install. After a few seconds, the firmware install utility should list your ScreenPlay Pro HD. If it does not, verify that your ScreenPlay Pro HD drive is properly connected to the computer.

Click Next to continue.

When prompted, choose Keep Multimedia Data OR Remove All Data and click Next. The installer will take approximately 1-2 minutes to copy the firmware update files to the ScreenPlay Pro HD.

When you see the message "Please unplug..." displayed on the screen, exit the firmware install utility and safely remove your ScreenPlay Pro HD drive from the computer using the "Safely Remove Hardware" option on the computer, and then unplugging the USB and then power cords.

Connect your ScreenPlay Pro HD to a television and turn it on with the remote control.

NOTE: When the ScreenPlay Pro HD turns on, you may see a "Hard Disk Error" message for about a minute. This is normal.

Once the ScreenPlay Pro HD initializes and begins the firmware installation, you will see the message "Start Installation" on-screen. The ScreenPlay Pro HD will automatically finish installing the firmware update.

CAUTION! The firmware update should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Do not turn off the ScreenPlay Pro HD until you see the normal ScreenPlay user interface again.

Once the firmware installation is complete, your ScreenPlay Pro HD will automatically restart, and you should see the normal Iomega ScreenPlay user interface on-screen. If needed, you can now replace any files you previously copied off of the ScreenPlay Pro HD.