Introduction Edit

Sometimes you plug the ScreenPlay Pro HD into your computer USB port and the drive does not appear. Here are some things you can try to fix the problem.

  • Don't use the remote to turn on the ScreenPlay Pro when you are connecting it to the USB port. Always use the on/off button on the player. If you use the remote, it will start the player in Playback / TV mode.
  • Turn on the ScreenPlay Pro. There is a power button in front. When you turn it on, the blue light should flash for only a few seconds. If it flashes for up to 20 seconds, then it is in Video mode and not USB mode, so you'll need to turn it off, check the connections and try again. The drive will NOT turn on by itself.
  • Make sure you plugged into the correct USB port. You should be plugging into the lower USB port, the one with the square form factor. The other port is for expansion.
  • See if the computer is recognizing the drive but not mounting it. You can do this by right clicking on "My computer", selecting "manage" and then select "disk management" under the storage category. If you see a 1 TB drive there with no partitions, you'll need to do the firmware update. If you see 4 partitions (and 2 empty blocks) then double check explorer, because the drive does appear to be there. You may just have to format the largest partition. Do not try to format the other ones.
  • Make sure you plugged the USB cable into the square port and not the square ethernet port. Don't think this is a dumb thing to check. I've done it before when I was in a hurry.